Would you like to quit smoking in an easy and safe way? In the effort to quit this addiction, people employ many different techniques most of which fail in the long run. Stop smoking hypnosis technique has however been used by many individuals to great levels of success. The success rate of the technique depends entirely on how discipline and motivation are handled by the individual. The technique is found as effective and beneficial due to many reasons, some of which are discussed in this article.

There are two types of hypnosis used which are self directed where an individual manages it himself by use relevant resource materials such as tapes and DVDs. The other model entails attending sessions facilitated with a trained and skilled hypnotherapist. All these methods command a great deal of commitment and motivation with the later effectively provided by the hypnotherapist and other individuals who have succeeded in the same quest by the use of this technique.

The use of CDs and DVDs is definitely cheaper than the model of attending sessions with trained hypnotherapist professionals. Watching these recorded materials is also convenient for they can be used at any time. The choice of method to be used by an individual is subject to the considerations of factors like convenience and cost. One needs to consult with a doctor first before deciding on the method to be used.

The technique works by achieving a state of relaxation whereby the mind of an individual is open to receive suggestions into the plane of the subconscious. People have however associated this method of quitting being a smoker with turning the individual into a slave with no control over their own mind. This is not true since you cannot be forced to do something against your consciousness when in a hypnotic state.

The subconscious mind is able to receive suggestions but it is not accessible in the normal consciousness. Smoking has been associated with pleasure in the subconscious mind hence medication alone will not be effective since it will only be dealing with the conscious mind. It is hence true that a combination of this technique and pharmaceutical drugs effectively helps in quitting the addiction. Apart from just stopping smoking, hypnotherapy is also associated with impacting improved lifestyles to the individuals.

In order to quit the addiction, the technique involves altering the condition of the subconscious mind by adjusting it to realize the necessity of quitting being a smoker. This is not possible without willpower for it is needed in every step and action. The power bestowed in our inner mind is effectively unlocked and considering the fact that our imagination is stronger than the willpower the person can easily change from the behavior.

All models of hypnosis whether employing the CDs and tapes or attending sessions with a professional hypnotherapist involves listening to positive ideas; suggestions along with guided visualizations which make a person see the need of quitting. The desire of quitting is gained slowly and finally takes effect.

It is always advisable to do a research before attaining the services of a hypnotherapist. It is only through effective application of the technique with a qualified therapist who will apply a good level of knowledge and skill making the process ethical and safe that an individual will get quality service.
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